Read and write RFID tags without headaches.


Throughout operations, RFID is growing.

Retailers and Industries are increasingly adopting EPC Gen 2 RFID technology to manage inventory and assets. As the application of tags grows, your systems may be exposed to many third-party tagged items. 

Encoding assets in accordance with GS1 EPC Guidelines means that your system is able to filter any tagged items not of interest to you. Benefits mean that your business can share your data with third parties; such as suppliers, in a way that the supply chain knows what it is looking at and who it belongs to.

Good practice is to ensure tags are unique to your business.

Encoding assets requires absolute integrity.

Errors during coding of tags can lead to catastrophic failures in data integrity. Errors such as writing to the wrong tag, incorrect configuration of memory banks, passwords, poor data structures and incomplete coding, are commonplace.



To eradicate these errors, many customers order pre-encoded tags from suppliers which may add costs in both acquisition and process management – this is particularly sensitive if items have more than one tag, e.g. common in returnable containers. Replacing damaged tags is also a challenge for the same reasons.

Pre-encoded tags can come with headaches.

Introducing TagStar Pro.

A Straightforward Solution for RFID Tag Programming.

Built on the Juno T41 hand-held computer, TagStar is capable of walking unskilled operators through the creation of data to commissioning, recording and recovery, allowing your business to take ownership of any RFID solution.


With a Weatherproof IP68 design and integrated RFID hardware, you'll be reading and writing in all conditions.


TagStar allows users to pre-define data structure using a simple web service and encode RFID tags without errors.


Featuring Windows embedded handheld OS. Coriel RFID software and remote device management via web.


With Coriel's RFID Software application designed and developed in the UK, and a UK-based support centre for the hardware, help is never far away.

Download the Product Datasheet, or contact us today for a trial of TagStar.

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